The whole world’s gone smart – and our online and mobile casino has too. Tapping into tech advancements, our APK draws all the elements from our mobile casino and packages into an app-like skin. Boasting the same high-quality graphics and the same functionality as our online and mobile casino, the APK allows you to access everything in your Spin Casino login in one safe place: games, promotions, banking – you name it. Plus, with zero compromise on safety and security, APK players enjoy the same protection as all our other casino players, with on-demand access to hundreds of thrilling games on login.


Equipped for seamless play on the Spin Casino APK, our range of table games, slots and video pokers can be played anywhere, at any time. From live dealer blackjack, roulette and baccarat to new-release slots and more, the APK combines superior load times with cutting-edge functionality to bring your gaming sessions to life. Flawlessly streamed in locations with uninterrupted web access, Spin Casino APK users have the convenience of app-like play on a device of their choice, at a location of their choice in supported regions. Because it’s so easy to install, all Android-powered online and mobile casino players can join in the fun.


Spin Casino players who game using an Android device can install the APK safely, quickly and easily once downloaded. After being installed, a secure login prompt will follow, which lets the player access their account from their device. For those who haven’t signed up yet, registration is required before the APK is installed.

Once downloaded, account holders will be asked a series of questions. Players who want the APK installed successfully need to agree to the questions, which basically ask whether they’d like to install the APK on their device and if they agree to grant Spincasino access to their phone or tablet. When accepted, the installation will complete automatically and the APK will be ready for launch.

Download and install the APK<>


What’s an APK?

The Spin Casino APK is a user-friendly app that looks and feels like our mobile casino.

Must I log into the APK?

Yes. Think of the APK as an online or mobile casino account – the same security measures apply.

Do I need a Spin Casino account to access the APK?

Yes. You must be a registered player to install the APK.

Does Spin Casino have an Android app?

Yes, our casino app is available in Google Play, but our APK has more games available.

Are all 500 casino games on the APK?

Yes. All the games listed in our online and mobile casino are on the APK.

Is the APK available on iOS?

No. Apple users can download our casino app straight from the App Store.

Is sports betting allowed with the APK?

Not at the moment. We’ll update our FAQs as soon as this changes.

Is the APK safe to use?

Yes. The Spin Casino APK utilises the same security features as our online and mobile casino.

Is the APK file very big?

No. The APK won’t take up much space on your device.

How will I know if the APK is available in my area?

Your device location will be detected by the APK prior to download.