What is Keno?

To begin with, online keno is a game that anyone can learn. It relies on players choosing numbers and then drawing balls at random to see how many matches occur. It is a bit like bingo in this regard. In most keno games, players will choose twenty numbers on their card from eighty that are available. Some games of keno ask you to choose more or less numbers, and some have more to choose from. That said, twenty from eighty is the most common format. After choosing, numbers are drawn at random. You don't need to get twenty matches to win, unlike a typical lottery game, however. The more matches you get, the bigger the prize will be according to the game's paytable.

How Does Keno Stack Up Against Other Online Casino Table Games?

To be completely fair, keno might not have the degree of sophistication that you will find with other classic casino table games, such as roulette or blackjack, for example. It does, however, have something that others don't. What this comes down to is the sheer straightforwardness of the gameplay. Choosing numbers is easy, of course. Even checking them off as they are drawn out from the game's random number generator can be automated for you with mobile casino versions of the game. This way, players should never miss out on a prize because they have missed a number being called or mistaken one number for another. As such, it is a casino game that many players simply prefer compared to more complex games like baccarat.

Why Choose Spin Casino to Play Keno?

As a leading online casino that Canadians can trust, Spincasino makes it easy to set up an account, find a keno game and start playing. It is also just as easy to stop when you want. Given that we are  a fully mobile casino, you can play keno online wherever and whenever you like!