The Basics of Playing Baccarat

When you play Baccarat, you will basically need to choose whether to back the player hand or the banker hand to win. The other option is to back a tie between the two hands. Bear in mind that the hand names are just that – names. They don't relate to you as a player or the house. They're simply the way the two hands you need to try to predict are referred to. In a similar fashion to Blackjack, the two hands are compared to see which one will win. Unlike Blackjack, however, it is not the highest score that wins but the one that scores nine. If no hand scores nine, then the winning hand is the one closest to it. In Baccarat, picture cards score nothing while aces are valued at one. The rest of the numerical cards score their face value. The score of each hand is added up automatically in online Baccarat, which helps to make the game easier to play, of course.

What Is the Remainder of 10 Rule?

Some versions of Baccarat have what is called the remainder of 10 rule. In these game variants, which you will find at Spin Casino, pairs of cards that add up to 10 will score zero. For example, if a hand has a ten and a queen, then it will add up to 10, which will end up resulting in a score of 0. The same goes for other combinations that add up to ten, such as six and four or ace and nine, for example.

Why Play Online Baccarat With Spin Casino Online?

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