As with video poker, roulette and blackjack, there are several bets that players can place in a game of Craps. These include Pass or Don’t Pass Line bets, Come or Don’t Come bets, Any Seven, Any Craps and Ace Deuce bets, as well as Aces, Boxcars and Horns. Then you also get Place, Field, Big 6 and Big 8 bets.

Once a bet has been placed, it’s time to shoot Craps – a.k.a., roll the dice. Here, players will be served three different outcomes: Natural, Craps or Point. Each outcome yields a different result. For example, a Natural Roll gives a player the chance to roll the dice again. Our advice? Learn roll outcomes first, then move on to memorising the bet types.


How do Spin Casino players know that their Craps game is resulting in fair and equal bet outcomes? Four little words with enormous power: Random Number Generator software. Otherwise known as RNG software, this 100% eCOGRA-approved fairness regulator is built into all our casino games, Craps, roulette, video poker, blackjack, baccarat and slots included.

In other words, all Spin players – whether engaging with our games via the casino app, cloud play or a desktop device – benefit from knowing that their bet outcomes are randomly generated every single time. Regularly audited and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, Spin Casino always has player fairness and safety front of mind, no matter which table games they’re enjoying.


Did you know that we offer Craps games in demo mode versions at our online or mobile casino? Exclusively available to registered Spin Casino players, this replaces casino credits with demo credits, which can be used to place demo bets on virtual Craps games. A great way to brush up your knowledge of the game, or to learn it from scratch, our practice tables are available all day, every day, for player convenience. This means that demo Craps games can be played at a time and place that suits you – all in a safe and responsible gaming environment.


Because online and mobile casino players have the advantage of being able to simply log in to play at Spin Casino, a Craps game can be launched wherever a player may be – home or away. Plus, we give our players a wide range of responsible gaming tools to help keep their sessions fun. A safe, secure and player-focused casino with a convenient casino app where table games like Craps, blackjack and roulette can be enjoyed, we plan on bringing the best experience to every single player, with lightning-fast load times and super smooth navigations. Why? Because high-quality fun is the name of the game at Spin Casino!